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Cancellation policy

On cancellation of your order before the product has been shipped to your address, the entire amount will be refunded.In case the ordered item has been shipped but not yet delivered to your address, you may still cancel the order. Your refund however , will be processed only upon receiving the ordered product back from the courier.Please note that an order once delivered cannot be cancelled. 

We at AMR Trends are committed in protecting our client's privacy. Only lawfully collected information is used by the store which are mainly used to 

1: process the client's purchase order and to provide the client with the best service possible.

The information that we collect includes: Your Name, Address, phone number and email address.

No sensitive information will be collected without the due consent of the client. The personal information collected will be held in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. We may use technology, which may include using a "cookie" to track pattern behaviour of our site visitors. You could usually modify your browser setting to prevent the cookie getting stored on your browser.