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SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat

SG Sunny Tonny English Willow Cricket Bat

SG is one of the renowned brands who manufacture all accessories and gear for cricket. 1931 was the year when this firm came into existence under the name of Sanspareils Co. After a series of changes they finally came to be known as Sanspareils Greenlands (SG). Their superior quality sports gear is preferred by world’s renowned cricketers like Suresh Raina and many more.

 Product Details:

What is an English Willow Cricket Bat?

English willow also known as Salix alba 'Caerulea' is the traditional and most commonly used wood. Its combination of being both tough yet lightweight when coupled with a reasonable resistance to splitting means it is an ideal choice for use in cricket bats. English willow is known for its rebound which in turn gives a cricket shot its ping as the ball races away. Finally, its being white willow is an additional advantage as the wood tends to be lighter in colour with a clean finish.

An English willow bat is a perfect bat to deliver nice guaranteed hits with the accurate shots. A quality bat matters a lot when playing a game of cricket. Of course the maintenance of a bat matters too but expect no less from an English willow. A straight strike with an English willow cricket bat will make the ball race the ground 360 degrees.

As the name suggests English willow is largely grown in the UK (true English willow is only grown in the UK), usually in low laying wetland areas, along river banks and in coppices. As it is a fast growing wood, trees can be ready for turning into bats after four years.

 Product Highlights:

Trendy shape and style

Made from superior quality English Willow

Handle is made from imported Saravak cane to deliver power and control

New Chevtec grip to give you a superior sense of control

Special toe protector for higher durability and maintain the moisture level

Adjustable strap with a full length padded bat cover

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